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About the Gardens

Pinner Village Gardens are owned by the London Borough of Harrow, located in the borough’s Pinner South Ward on the outskirts of Pinner town centre, and have entrances from Rayners Lane, Compton Rise, Whittington Way and Hereford Gardens. They are a 10-minute walk from Pinner tube station on the Metropolitan Line, and provide 6.58 hectares for informal recreation.

The Gardens were laid out at the same time as the development of the suburb in the 1920s. It is unique in that it contains a medieval narrow rig ridge and furrow field in the south part of the park, a feature usually found on poorly drained soil where ploughing had been carried out for a relatively long period. Harrow Borough Council in the mid-eighties intended to level this field to make it easier for them to cut the grass, however an archaeological survey was carried out to determine whether these features really represented ridge and furrow or whether they were later drainage features. No field drains were found and all the evidence pointed to the earthworks being ridge and furrow of the type commonly known as narrow rig. It is the nearest surviving ridge and furrow to central London and the images below show that the ridges can still be seen to this day.

About the Friends

On 1st October 2015, several members of the local community met and set up Friends of Pinner Village Gardens, the high-level aim of the Friends being ‘to improve this beautiful park’. The detailed aims are to:

Since inception, the Friends have:

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To become a Friend, a one-off payment of £5 (individual) or £10 (family or organisation) is required. This payment can be made by electronic transfer of funds, the bank account details being:

If using the on-line payment facility, please use your name or that of your organisation as a reference. We would be grateful if you can send us an email after becoming a Friend using the contact form below or emailing This allows us to thank you for becoming a Friend and to keep you updated with all the latest news and events.

If paying by cheque, please send it to - Friends of Pinner Village Gardens, 11 Lincoln Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA2 7RQ.

We also accept payments via PayPal. You don't need to have a PayPal account to pay your membership fee this way as you can use a credit card. To do so click on the Donate button below.

Irrespective of payment method, any additional donations help with our effort to improve the park and are much appreciated.


July 2017

Work Party - Thursday 6th July 9:30am

Meet at the drinking fountain, roughly 100 metres east of the Hereford Gardens entrance.

Members Meeting - Thursday 27th July 11am

Meet at table no. 23 in the corner of the restaurant at The Pinner Arms, Whittington Way, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 5JS

August 2017

Work Party - Thursday 3rd August 9:30am

Meet at the drinking fountain, roughly 100 metres east of the Hereford Gardens entrance.

September 2017

Work Party - Thursday 7th September 9:30am

Meet at the drinking fountain, roughly 100 metres east of the Hereford Gardens entrance.

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You can also contact us by telephone on 03303 558 866.